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Canon de 75 Mle 1897 DCA sur remorque Mle 1917

AA artillery

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Ferdinand the 1st military museum
Coordinates : Lat : 44.44110 / Long : 26.07860
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Historic and technical information
Denomination :     75 Mle 1897 DCA Mle 1917 Origin :       ( Arsenaux de l'Etat)          

Historic context :

The 1870 France - Germany war experience, and particularly the Paris siege, had demonstrated to the military observers the need to have means to attack flying targets, at that time balloons. The ballistic properties of the 75 mm gun allowed it to become a pretty good anti-aircraft weapon, at the condition to make it compatible with high elevation angles.

The 'Canon de 75 Mle 1897 DCA sur remorque Mle 1917' was a 1917 development. This weapon with a stunningly modern aspect was composed of a 75mm tube with its recoil system mounted on a carriage havin 4 beams that could be set horizontal or vertical, serving both as a fire platform and a trailer :

  • In transport position, the beams were set vertically and the carriage was then resting on two wheels for the traction with a truck.
  • In firing position, the carriage was elevated by 4 hydraulic pistons and the beams were set horizontally on a crux pattern in order to give a good stability.
Compared to the anterior AA models based on the same 75 mm barrel (on automobile truck Mle 1913 or on platform Mle 1915), this system presented numerous advantages in terms of liberty degrees for pointing , towing systems versatility, independance of the trucking system failures. This gun was equipped with sophisticated AA aiming devices. A modernised version was still in service in the French Army in 1940.

Technical data :

  • Complete description : 75 mm M 1897 AA gun on 1917 trailer
  • Design year : 1917
  • Calibre : 75.00 mm
  • Weight in firing position : 3460 kg
  • Weight for transportation :
  • Tube length in calibres : 34.50 (30 calibres rifled part only)
  • Grooves : 24 to the right, constant 7 degrees angle
  • Projectile weight : 7 kg
  • Initial speed : 550 m/s
  • Fire rate :
  • Range : 5500 m altitude
  • Elevation range : 0 to 70 degrees
  • Direction range : 360 degrees range

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