Nomenclature : '15 cm sFH 13'

Origin : Germany

Result of a modernisation of the '15 cm sFH 02' by Krupp and Rheinmetall, the heavy howitzer '15 cm sFH 13' was generously distributed to the heavy field artillery of the German Army. That modernization allowed to shoot the same 42 kg shell at a 15 % longer range, thanks to the elongation of the tube (+2 calibres), and a modified frame.

This new mark also integrated a servants shield, very useful against the ennemy anti-artillery shelling.

1350 such howitzers were present at the beginning of the war . It was modernized in 1917 (not recognizable characteristics) and stayed in service even in the IIIrd Reich army during the WW2.

3409 howitzer from this version were manufactured. Very mobile and yet powerful, this good howitzer could be used very close to the first lines.

Main characteristics :